We translate into all languages, so that your products can be exported world-wide with flawless manuals and documentation.

We pay attention to each translation’s completeness and precision, as well as conformity to technical terminology and observance of international standards. Our colleagues and collaborators are all native speakers of their respective languages.


Translation formats

Our software applications allow us to meet most of your format requests. We process your documents directly, in special programs, and create comprehensive documentation. Our processing capabilities even include scanned material and image documents.

If you do not have the original source files, we translate your documents from PDF format. It’s also no problem to translate graphics created in various CAD applications.

In addition to translation, we can also convert text and graphics to print-ready format or for online publishing. These are just some of the formats we work with: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .xml, .ildoc, .mif, .pdf, .indd, .p65, .crd, .eps, .ai, .wmf, .pcx, .jpg, .tif, .tga

Desktop Publishing