We translate into all languages, so that your products can be exported world-wide with flawless manuals and documentation.

We pay attention to each translation’s completeness and precision, as well as conformity to technical terminology and observance of international standards. Our colleagues and collaborators are all native speakers of their respective languages.


What does localization mean in translation?

Localization means that we adapt your texts to the cultural and linguistic features of the target language. We treat localization as an automatic part of the translation process that encompasses aspects such as the correct date format, conversion of temperatures, weights and much more. We localize (enterprise) software, software applications, websites, manuals and other complete documentation.

Translation Memory

Translation memory management (TMM, TMS or TM) is an important part of creating multilingual documentation. Tetras translations works with a variety of different translation memory systems.

In practice, the longer clients work with us, the more time and money TMM will save them: If you regularly send texts for translation, we create a “translation memory”, from which we create a database of your previously translated texts. We then use this when translating your later texts, which then may not require an entirely new translation.